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PCI to attend the Colloque Prévisions salariales 2022 organized by the CPQ

PCI rémunération-conseil se joint aux firmes invitées à l’édition 2022 des prévisions salariales du CPQ afin de discuter des meilleures pratiques dans le domaine qui contribueront à l’adaptation des entreprises au contexte particulier actuel.


Workforce challenges and compensation: your managers are valuable allies

With a healthy economy and an aging population, the challenges of attracting and retaining workers will increase in the coming years. These factors will put considerable pressure on your total compensation package and you may consider to revise some of your programs. That said, don't overlook your managers' contribution in optimizing the value of your total compensation package. After all, they could be a key asset of your attractivity.


2022 Salary forecast - Panel discussion

Marc Chartrand, partner of PCI, will give you guidelines to help you put together a salary increase budget proposal which will be aligned with the 2022 salary forecast results and your organization's strategy.


Communicating total compensation: a key asset to overcome the workforce challenges

This presentation will provide managers with answers to questions and concerns that arise from the competitive environment and talent scarcity. We will discuss the role of the manager in leveraging total compensation with employees and while recruiting as well as how to engage and convince when talking about compensation.


Past events


2022 Salary forecast - Discussion panel Sous la loupe

PCI Compensation Consulting, formerly PCI-Perrault Consulting, will participate once again in the 2022 salary forecast discussion panel. On the agenda, we will review the 2022 results. We will also discuss the trends that stand out from the surveys.


Webinar – Compensation – Board Members and Advisory Committees of Private Companies – Market Practices and Trends

PCI-Perrault Consulting and the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés invite you to a free webinar (in FRENCH only) where current market practices and trends regarding board of directors (and advisory committee) compensation in private organizations will be discussed, in light of the results of its 3rd edition survey on the same topic.


PCI experts speakers at the 2nd part of the Rendez-vous de la rémunération 2020

The uncertain context of recent months has led many companies to question the relevance and sustainability of their short-term incentive plans. How can we ensure that our plan holds up in times of high volatility or when our organization is faced with financial, health or other crises?


PCI-Perrault Consulting, partner of the Rendez-vous de la rémunération 2020

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the workforce had to work from home, and many employees hope to continue to work remotely, on their terms. But how will working remotely affect compensation programs and practices, as well as performance management?



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