Communicating total compensation: a key asset to overcome the workforce challenges

Are your employees questioning your compensation decisions? Are you having trouble attracting new candidates or are your employees leaving the organization? Are you wondering "what more to offer"? The answer may lie in a thorough understanding of the compensation programs offered in your organization and their clear and ongoing communication. 

When it comes to compensation, we often limit ourselves to "dollars". Total compensation go far beyond salary. Compensation is not only how much, but also how and why. As a manager, it is therefore important to know, understand and communicate your organization's offer. Such an approach will influence your employees' perceptions of what is fair and what is not, and will contribute to increasing the perceived value of the proposed compensation. 

This presentation will provide managers with answers to questions and concerns that arise from the competitive environment and talent scarcity.  We will discuss the role of the manager in leveraging total compensation with employees and while recruiting as well as how to engage and convince when talking about compensation. And we will also allow you to identify learning opportunities and practives improvement as a coaching manager. In this way, you will contribute to your organization's success and attractivity.

Conference offered to members and non-members of the Association des femmes en finance du Québec (AFFQ). 

October 5, 2021


Postponed. Stay tuned for more information.

WHEN? Tuesday, October 5th, 12h pm 
WHERE? Online
COST? See all details on AFFQ's website

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Dominique Thuot, MBA, Partner
Dominic Girard, Partner

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