Strategic positions and projects: how to retain your key employees

The job market has never been more competitive, so retaining key people, including managers and people with key roles in the organization, is a major challenge. It’s even more relevant when these employees are involved in strategic projects that take longer than a year to complete. For example, a failure to hold onto key staff could jeopardize the implementation of a new technology or an acquisition, or even the long-term viability of the organization.  

What compensation tools should be leveraged to retain people involved in major, long-term projects? Could certain tools that were formerly reserved for senior management be offered to key employees? If so, how can internal equity be preserved, and how do we transition to offer these tools once the project is done, for example, when a person received increased compensation for the duration of a project?

Dominic Girard and Samuel Bergeron will answer these questions (and more) through three case studies inspired by real business experiences and will explain various financial levers at your disposal and new practices. 

October 5, 2022


WHEN? Wednesday October 5 at 10:25 a.m. 
WHERE? Online
COST? Required fees for your registration to the Rendez-vous Rémunération.



  • Dominic Girard, Senior Consultant
  • Samuel Bergeron, M.Sc., ASA, Consultant

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