Continuous performance management: driver of engagement?

Published on: June 1, 2021
Subjects:  Total compensation, Performance and bonus

For many years, HR professionals and business leaders have been questioning the effectiveness and even the relevance of the traditional performance management process. An annual cycle with a mid-year and a year-end review does not meet the needs of employees and organizations. This approach is often misunderstood as creating a lot of administrative work and being a pain point for managers and employees.

Where do organizations stand? If your organization hasn't yet adopted a continuous performance management approach, the pandemic is an opportunity to update your performance management practices and boost employee engagement.

Marie-Eve Boyer, CPHR, Consultant and Michelle Gervais, Senior Analyst, present the continuous performance management approach and its principles. They discuss the role of the manager-coach and the importance of focusing on skills development, as well as the impact on employee engagement and organizational agility.

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