Labour shortage and inflation: unexpected challenges

Published on: December 10, 2021
Subjects:  Surveys and forecasts, Total compensation

Attraction, retention, inflation and compensation: cause of concerns

The soaring inflation rate is likely to impact your efforts to position your upcoming salary increases. Labour shortages only serve to exacerbate the situation.

In addition, you might be wondering what will happen to the job market situation given the strong upward pressure you are dealing with on salaries.

  • How can you make the most of the situation by taking a step back and building on the strengths of the SME?
  • What are the compensation strategies/solutions to face these challenges?

During this webinar organized by EntreChefs PME, the speakers will share few tips to help you out in this context. 


  • Marc Chartrand, M.Sc., CPHR Distinction Fellow, ASC, Partner 
  • Mélissa Allard, CPHR, CMS, Consultant

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