PCI is becoming Gallagher: combined resources

Published on: January 13, 2023
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PCI Compensation Consulting is becoming Gallagher 

Five ways our clients will benefit from this exciting change

In March 2022, we announced that PCI Compensation Consulting would be joining forces with Gallagher, a world class consulting firm that has been serving businesses for over 90 years. In the first quarter of 2023, we will finalize the integration of our business which will allow us to continue delivering the many benefits of our combined resources to our clients.

We wanted to take a minute to talk about five of these benefits, which will become more tangible over the next few months.

1. We’ll have an even greater capacity to think beyond compensation

As part of Gallagher, we can now offer our clients an expanded set of solutions—benefits and retirement plans, executive search services, talent mobility programs, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and so much more. Together, we can help companies retain and attract top talent through a comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing, with the same commitment to customized, flexible and innovative solutions that has always been a hallmark of our firm.

2. We’re now part of an international network

Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services, helping clients address risk and build better workplaces by effectively attracting, engaging and retaining top talent. Gallagher provides these services in 130 countries, with 35 offices in Canada alone. For PCI clients, that means there will always be someone who can provide the service and support they need, no matter where their company’s growth takes them.

3. We’ll keep doing what we do best—only more 

For more than 20 years, we have been helping our clients to stand out by designing customized compensation programs aligned with industry best practices. We are also known for the surveys we conduct to identify trends in total compensation and our continuously updated databases that provide an accurate profile of compensation offerings across the labour market. Rest assured that we will continue to provide these services—just with a little extra horsepower behind us.

4. We’ll have a diversity of experience and new perspectives to draw on

Gallagher is known for strategically leveraging the talent, perspectives and experience of their local teams to develop the skills and expertise of their partners across their network. By being part of Gallagher, we not only contribute to this pool of knowledge, we get to tap into it too—and our clients are already reaping the benefits.

5. Our drive to grow is guided by our values

Before we came together, Gallagher and PCI already had something in common—our values. Now that we are one company, we continue to uphold the values of expertise and judgement, authenticity, commitment and accountability, and collaboration that helped us earn your trust before. Our mission remains the same: to support organizations in designing their total compensation strategy and integrating it with their business strategy. The difference is, now we can take what we can do for our clients to the next level.


If you would like more information about what becoming part of Gallagher means for you, please contact us.

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