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Analysis September 7, 2021


Overview September 6, 2021

PCI-Perrault Consulting celebrates 20 years of total compensation expertise with a new brand identity

Analysis August 27, 2021

Regionalizing your salary structure in a telecommuting context: relevant for your organization?

Overview August 11, 2021

Your new pay equity obligations – Federal regulations

Analysis June 22, 2021

2022 Compensation planning survey: workforce challenges

Overview June 11, 2021

Long-term retention: Tip the scales in your favour!

Video May 31, 2021

Compensation – Board Members and advisory committees of private companies – Market practices and trends

Analysis May 3, 2021

Will your compensation plan survive your IPO?

Analysis April 30, 2021

Survey – Market practices and trends – Compensation of board of directors and advisory committee in private companies

Overview April 29, 2021

Pulse survey - Performance management: where do organizations stand?

Analysis January 18, 2021

Update 2021 salary forecast survey - Optimism despite the ongoing challenges

Overview December 3, 2020

Publicly traded companies – New tax rule for options granted after June 30, 2021

Overview December 3, 2020

Pulse survey – Update on salary increases and bonuses

Analysis October 28, 2020

Planning for 2021: to freeze or not to freeze?

Overview September 30, 2020

Incentives amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Overview September 28, 2020

The democratization of remote work and its potential impacts on total compensation

Overview September 16, 2020

Rethinking compensation in periods of volatility

Overview July 25, 2020

Is pay equity still a critical concern in the context of COVID-19?

Overview July 25, 2020

Women’s shareholding: an opportunity for growth

Analysis July 8, 2020

2021 Compensation planning survey

Overview June 17, 2020

15 years of sustained collaboration with the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés

Analysis June 5, 2020

Salary management and annual pay raise process

Analysis June 5, 2020

Salary management and individual performance reviews

Analysis May 20, 2020

Compensation in the context of COVID-19 

Video May 5, 2020

Our experts in action - Compensation beyond COVID-19

Video May 5, 2020

Our experts in action - Rethinking compensation beyond the COVID-19 crisis

Overview April 20, 2020

Take advantage of the PACME program to tackle current and future compensation challenges

Overview February 11, 2020

A new chapter begins for PCI-Perrault Consulting

Video September 1, 2019

Behind the scenes of executive compensation

Video October 30, 2018

Factors that influence executive compensation

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