As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues take on increasing importance, board efficiency is becoming a central issue.

How do you structure board and committee member compensation to attract members with the skills you need? How do you reflect members’ competencies and workload in a meaningful compensation package? How do you determine the right executive compensation mix to attract key talents to the top of the organization and retain them over the long term?

For more than 20 years, we have been working with boards of directors to align shareholder interests, director contributions and executive compensation with a common goal: ensuring a sustainable future for the organization.

Our areas of expertise for boards of directors

  • Determining compensation levels and distribution
  • Assessment of board and board committee efficiency and operations
  • Evaluation of board members
  • Transformational events: mergers/acquisitions, IPOs, privatization
  • Due diligence for compensation practices 
  • Drafting of management circulars
  • Compensation risk analysis 
  • Shareholder engagement and compliance with compensation governance standards
  • Etc.

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How can we help

Before we provide you with solutions, we’ll start by asking the right questions to gain a keen understanding of your board’s unique issues. Through a partnership-based approach, we will take the time to listen and to understand.

We will then leverage our databases and knowledge to help you accurately assess your board’s practices against market comparables.

We’ll recommend a course of action that takes into account not only the cost of compensation but, more importantly, the leverage it provides to ensure your board and senior management have the key talent they need.

Call on us whenever you need to align—or realign—your governance with your strategic objectives.

When we can help

PCI Compensation Consulting can put its consulting expertise to work as soon as an issue related to the performance or compensation of your board or board committees arises. For example, you may need to confirm that your practices are in line with the market. You may also need to recruit a new leader and want to make sure your compensation package is appropriate, or you may be dealing with senior management recruitment, alignment or retention issues.
If your organization is undergoing a transformation, we can also align the compensation of your directors and management with the objectives of the reorganization.

In short, our consultants are here to support your board in any way they can.

What we will take into consideration

  • Industry sector
  • Revenue size and profitability
  • Geographic scope and operational complexity
  • Employment market and compensation practices
  • Organizational culture 
  • Work climate within the board 
  • Policies adopted by the board
  • Relationship between the board and senior management
  • Existing compensation practices
  • Employment market practices
  • Shareholder expectations
  • Board efficiency compared to best practices
  • Required competencies 
  • Any factors that could help implement your business strategy or that may stand in the way
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