In the wake of the pandemic, economic growth and demographics will pose a whole new set of challenges for companies. How do you stand out from the crowd when key personnel are a hot commodity and employees have increasingly high expectations? How do you lead a transformation or start a merger or acquisition without jeopardizing its culture and strength? How can you go public while balancing the interests of both key employees and investors? In other words: how do you reach your short-term goals and ensure your organization’s long-term sustainability?

Over the past 20 years, we have helped our clients rise to such challenges time and again.

Here’s when and how we can help.

Our areas of expertise for entrepreneurs and executives


  • Total compensation strategy
  • Benchmarking market practices
  • Salary structures
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Transformational events: mergers/acquisitions, IPO, privatization
  • Introduction of new shareholders
  • Hiring or departure of executives 
  • Performance management
  • Support collective bargaining

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How can we help

We’ll start by meeting with you to get an understanding of your organization’s business strategy, whether it’s based on international growth, the development of new technologies, the digital transformation of your plant, or any other growth lever you want to focus on.

We will then leverage our databases and knowledge to draw an accurate portrait of your competitive position for each of your compensation package components.

Next, we will recommend a course of action and design custom compensation programs, including short and long-term incentives, retention programs, transaction bonuses, as applicable, employment contracts and compensation statements. With our complementary expertise, we can also help you communicate them.

And, of course, we’ll stay by your side to make sure your programs keep up as the market changes.


When we can help

PCI Compensation Consulting partners with entrepreneurs and executives to evaluate the current situation and the issues at hand, in order to determine an effective strategy going forward.

For example, you may need to assess your competitive position in the market and review your total compensation policies accordingly or recruit or retain key personnel with a customized compensation and incentive plan. Evaluate the impact of impending changes in taxation rules as well as alternatives to consider to maintain or improve your compensation strategy’s efficiency. 

Another good idea is to bring us in when you are entering a period of organizational transformation, such as a restructuring, merger or acquisition where compensation and culture can make or break your plan.

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What we will take into consideration

  • Organizational culture 
  • Business strategy
  • Industry sector
  • Revenue size and profitability
  • Geographic scope and operational complexity
  • Employment market and compensation practices
  • Medium- and long-term incentive plans
  • Annual, transaction and retention bonuses
  • Retirement benefits
  • Severance pay
  • Pay equity
  • The organization’s long-term financial commitments
  • Company and employee taxation
  • Any factors that could help implement your business strategy or that may stand in the way


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