The long-term effects of the pandemic on employment are not yet fully understood. But we do know that human resources and compensation specialists will now have to grapple with questions that will take organizations out of their comfort zones.

How do you attract, retain and motivate skilled employees in a context of increasing and changing expectations? How do you promote effective decision making, particularly in terms of legal compliance? In short, how do you align your talent with your strategic priorities?

In the face of such challenges, HR and compensation specialists will need to take on an even more strategic role and take on expanded responsibilities in terms of training and communicating new approaches.

Since 2001, we have been working with organizations of all types to help them adapt their compensation approaches to the shifting business landscape.

Here’s when and how we can help.

Our areas of expertise for HR and compensation specialists

  • Development of compensation strategies and guidelines
  • Analysis of existing compensation programs 
  • Market positioning of compensation components, including for sales teams
  • Job evaluation and classification
  • Program design/redesign
  • Performance management
  • Bonus plans
  • Cost / benefit simulations
  • Pay equity and legal compliance
  • Coaching: communication and training
  • Etc.

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How can we help

We’ll start by meeting with you to get an understanding of your organization’s business strategy and the phase of development or transformation you are entering.

We will then leverage our databases to determine your competitive position for each component of your compensation package, for each employee group or organizational unit.

We will help you develop a compensation strategy that is tailored to your organization. If you have specific problems you wish to address (pay equity, labour scarcity, key employees, etc.), we will help you use compensation as a lever to solve them. We’ll also help you inform staff about your programs.

And of course, we will be there to provide you with additional expertise or a second, specialized opinion at any time.

When we can help

PCI Compensation Consulting partners with human resources and compensation specialists to ensure that no strategic compensation issue goes undetected. 

For example, you may be dealing with a labour shortage or need to reassess your salary scales, bonuses or incentives. You may want to understand your competitive positioning, or work through certain talent recruitment and retention issues.

We can also help you if your organization is undergoing a transformation and your compensation plans need to be realigned with new priorities.

It is simple enough: when you need help with anything under the compensation umbrella, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we will take into consideration

  • Organizational culture
  • Business strategy 
  • Work climate, attitudes and motivations
  • Employer brand
  • The organization’s competitive positioning and financial capacity
  • Skills sought
  • Performance indicators
  • Pay equity and legal compliance
  • Any factors that could help implement your business strategy or that may stand in the way
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