Overview of our fields of expertise

Transformational events (IPO, M&A, etc.)

Reorganizations, transformations, mergers, acquisitions or initial public offerings (IPOs) are all likely to raise a number of questions about employee compensation:

  • How should compensation be adjusted to take into account changes in duties and responsibilities?
  • Are the measures currently in place sufficient to retain executives and key employees and to recognize their efforts to successfully steer the transformation?
  • Will compensation conditions need to be harmonized following the integration of a new organization to ensure all employees are treated fairly?
  • Will the company’s capital structure change in the wake of the transformation, and how is this likely to affect executive compensation?

During periods of transition, changes to compensation can have a significant impact on employees, and they should therefore be managed as a change in itself.

PCI’s team has helped a great many organizations successfully navigate transformations for more than 20 years. We have worked on harmonizing compensation policies during mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, privatizations and the introduction of new shareholders. We help organizations set a compensation structure for the transition period to sustain key employees engagement. We can also ensure internal equity and harmonize practices by implementing a common compensation structure for employees from different entities who have similar roles and responsibilities. Finally, we make sure that employee compensation is both competitive and fair, considering their new roles and responsibilities. 

What we offer

We can:

  • Act as an independent advisor to the board of directors for a planned transaction
  • Help you set, manage and harmonize your total compensation both during and after the period of organizational transformation
  • Map existing practices, develop the compensation strategy and review practices
  • Align employee compensation with new roles and responsibilities
  • Devise retention and severance pay strategies
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory disclosure requirements
  • Set up incentive plans
  • Draft prospectuses (or management proxy circulars)
  • Oversee and manage the communication of compensation changes 

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