Overview of our fields of expertise

Compensation training

Total compensation is a complex, ever changing subject.

If you are a human resources manager or professional, talk to PCI Compensation Consulting about our training programs to help keep up to date with market trends and practices. 

These programs are designed to improve the skills of HR managers and professionals when it comes to compensation. They can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization and can be an introduction to the fundamentals of compensation or focus on more complex aspects.

The more basic programs will help managers develop their understanding through accessible terminology and fact based discussions and illustrations, while the more advanced programs will deepen attendees’ knowledge and further hone their skills.

Our programs will help you have clear, factual conversations with your employees and communicate in ways that engage and mobilize them.

What we offer

Our training portfolio includes:

  • Personalized training programs that focus on long lasting tools and information as well as a customized interactive approach to support you in the specific challenges you face
  • Introductory content (for managers, for example) as well as in depth courses and refreshers (for seasoned professionals)
  • Real life case studies, as needed
  • “Training for trainers” courses to help you lead your own training sessions, help new managers fine-tune their onboarding process, develop presentation material and Q&As, etc.


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