Overview of our fields of expertise

ESG and executive compensation

When it comes to aligning an organization’s ESG strategy with its total compensation strategy—and, more broadly, its long-term strategic planning—there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each organization will have different solutions and factors to consider, which require an approach that is both well-thought-out and flexible.

The first step is to conduct an in-depth assessment of the current situation and measure your organization’s progress toward defining and implementing its ESG strategy. If you are just beginning to think about ESG, our experts can work with your teams from day one to ensure that your strategy is perfectly aligned with your compensation objectives. If you are further along in the process, we can help define or re-evaluate which ESG measures are most important to you: which ones should be factored into your compensation strategy, and how. Through an annual bonus, a long-term incentive plan or other mechanisms? We can help you determine the best fit.

We are able to develop a strategic understanding of your ESG initiatives and incorporate them into your strategic total compensation approach.


What we offer:

  • Mechanisms to assess your company’s current state 
  • A strategic approach to closely align your ESG initiatives with your total compensation objectives 
  • A communications approach: 
    • Management team briefing on how ESG criteria factor into their pay 
    • Management circular 
    • Discussing and analyzing compensation 
    • Meeting with institutional investors
    • Tools to explain ESG factors and compensation strategy
  • Educational services through training sessions and awareness campaigns geared toward:
    • The board of directors 
    • The leadership team 
    • Any other stakeholders

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