Overview of our fields of expertise

Long-term incentive plans

Long-term incentive plans tie a portion of compensation to a company’s long-term success, which helps retain participants over a long period.

The vast majority of publicly traded corporations use long-term incentive plans and typically offer stock option-based plans and / or stock-based units. In private corporations, where shareholders do not always want to open up share ownership to executives or key employees, tailored programs can nevertheless align the interests of key employees with the organization’s long-term growth. PCI’s experts leverage their sharp business acumen to specialize in this type of compensation.

In today’s increasingly competitive talent market, long-term incentive plans meet a highly strategic need to align the interests of shareholders, executives and key employees.


What we offer

  • Conduct benchmarking to assess the competitiveness of your current programs
  • Identify the type of incentive plan that best fits your organization
  • Design your long-term incentive plan
  • Simulate potential costs and benefits
  • Help you set up and roll out programs to participants and evaluate program performance over time

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