Overview of our fields of expertise

Implementation and maintenance of pay equity

Pay equity legislation requires an organization to ensure that employees in predominantly female job classes have access to at least the same pay as employees in predominantly male job classes of equivalent value.

This requirement to comply with current pay equity legislation applies to all provincially regulated companies in Quebec and Ontario, and to all federally regulated companies across Canada. A company’s obligations depend on its size.

PCI can help your organization implement an initial pay equity exercise and maintain it over time, whether or not your organization is unionized. We can also help a company integrate pay equity into its management practices, while respecting its total compensation strategy and its employer brand.

What we offer

We can:

  • Help you create and lead a pay equity committee or a pay equity maintenance committee 
  • Identify job classes and their gender predominance
  • Assess job classes
  • Compare predominantly female job classes with predominantly male job classes
  • Setup an employee participation process
  • Ensure the results are posted
  • Handle the mediation process when a complaint is submitted

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