Overview of our fields of expertise

Performance management

A performance management program can optimize organizational performance by aligning employee objectives with the organization’s priorities.

In order to have the desired effect on employee engagement and motivation, the program needs to be well communicated and applied consistently, while encouraging frequent discussions with employees about their performance and development. The program must include a platform to facilitate feedback between employees and managers regarding organizational priorities, what is expected of employees, their performance and their professional development.

Such a program can make it possible to:

  • Clearly communicate the employer’s expectations to employees
  • Motivate employees and encourage them to get involved in the company
  • Provide recognition for employees
  • Identify key results and improvement plans, with a focus on talent development and career management
  • Create a link with the organization’s compensation and other management practices

What we offer

We can:

  • Help you define your strategic approach to performance management based on your organization’s culture, philosophy and best practices
  • Define the components of performance management: key responsibilities, annual objectives aligned with those of the company, commitment to the company’s values, skills, etc.
  • Define the parameters of the annual process
  • Provide training for managers and employees
  • Etc.

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