Overview of our fields of expertise

Salary management

Salary management has a direct effect on empoyee engagement and talent retention: if employees are dissatisfied with their salary increases, they may be tempted by a more enticing offer that better reflects their skillset and their contribution to the organization.

This is why sound salary management must promote an adequate evolution of the salary component of an employee’s compensation, according to their individual characteristics—including experience, contribution, skills and other factors—and in keeping with the organization’s ability to pay.

When it comes to precisely defining salary management processes, PCI’s experts can help you make informed decisions that take into account your organization’s total rewards philosophy.

What we offer

We can:

  • Help you define your organization’s annual salary review process
  • Help you implement a salary management approach for special cases: high-performing employees, high-potential employees, key employees, employees with rare skills, employees in line for a promotion, etc.
  • Integrate the salary management policy into the budget process

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