Overview of our fields of expertise

Salary structures

A well‑designed salary structure allows your organization to manage employees’ salaries on a day-to-day basis and make sure that salaries are:

  • Market‑competitive
  • In line with the company’s total compensation philosophy
  • Flexible enough to seamlessly integrate with career paths and career planning
  • Fair

These elements are fundamental drivers of employee attraction and retention, specifically in terms of compensation competitiveness, internal equity and individual equity.

PCI’s teams are experts at managing these strategic questions and can put their in‑depth knowledge of best practices to work for your organization.

What we offer

We can:

  • Help you define a base pay policy that aligns with your organization’s total compensation philosophy
  • Evaluate and classify jobs according to their duties and responsibilities
  • Establish the market value of your positions
  • Help you build your salary structure
  • Simulate the cost of repositioning employees within the proposed salary ranges
  • Etc.

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