Overview of our fields of expertise

Total compensation strategy

It is vital for all organizations to offer compensation packages that are both competitive and, above all, aligned with their strategic planning.

Paying employees well isn’t enough. You need to fully understand all aspects of compensation and be familiar with current trends to remain competitive, manage costs and create a positive impact on employee attraction and engagement across the organization. In other words, compensation should drive performance and results. 

A good compensation strategy should meet three goals:

  • Acquire talent
  • Promote loyalty
  • Mobilize employees

PCI Compensation Consulting has over twenty years of experience developing such strategies, and we are ready to put our know how to work for you.

What we offer

We can:

  • Develop your compensation philosophy
  • Define your strategy’s guiding principles
  • Identify your comparator group and establish your market position 
  • Determine the relative weight of the various elements of your compensation package
  • Build your total compensation strategy
  • Help you deploy and communicate your strategy

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