At PCI Compensation Consulting, we are compensation enthusiasts who see the value of a multidisciplinary approach, collegiality and diverse perspectives and opinions, and we want to make a meaningful contribution to our clients’ success.

We don’t hesitate to speak our minds and challenge conventional wisdom, and we make sure to bring superior analytical depth, quality of thought and performance to every assignment. 

Beyond the numbers and our commitment to quality, we value a culture where every team member contributes to the advice we offer our clients, day in and day out.

The values we share

Expertise and judgement

  • Our expertise sets us apart
  • We exercise our judgment based on our experience and the specific context of each organization
  • Market practices are only one of many factors we consider when developing our compensation advice

Commitment and accountability

  • Our clients’ best interests are our best interests and we make sure they come first 

  • We deliver on our commitments


  • Our vision and advice remain the same, whether we’re speaking with board members or executives
  • We are transparent and stick to the facts


  • We work in partnership with our clients
  • We foster long-term relationships

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